I’m a Portland-based artist who grew up in the Midwest. My BFA is in Graphic Design. But You will most likely find me off the computer, drawing

and painting, mixing as many different shades of pink that I can find. I work on paper, wood and fabric. In my spare time, I work as a barista.

In school I trailed off the main road of Graphic Design whenever possible, scanning in paint, fabric, and ripped up pages from books.

Using line, color, & collage to depict my latest experience became my method.  A trip to New York City for the first time, a new album by my favorite band, discovering a new poetry book; these are the experiences that could make my work feel like it was flowing out me effortlessly. It was an inward exploration as a new artist.

After college I almost became a doula.

Inspiration and Exploration

What I learned of pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding has made its way into my work. Learning of women who birthed each others’ babies in the 1970s on a hippie commune in Tennessee sent me down a path of discovery. Learning how the nordic countries do birth has made me passionate about advocating for mother-centered birth in the U.S. rather than industry-focused births. Hearing stories of women being shamed for breastfeeding in public has made normalized public breastfeeding important to me. This has been my outward exploration as an artist.

The female body is a constant inspiration.

The women in my life are a constant inspiration.

Other creative influences include vintage books found in local used bookstores, Lorde & Sylvan Esso, the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and travels to Sri Lanka with my Sri Lankan husband.


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